Why Shawn Johnson Realty?

We minimize financial and emotional risk for your family.

We work hard to not only upgrade you into a home you love but to structure contracts with precision, negotiate to build wealth on both sides of your transaction, and save you from realtor negligence.

Enjoy the experience as well as the outcome.

Sign with excitement and confidence.

Win on both sides of the agreement.

The start of a new chapter.

There comes a time in every families' story where their home is no longer fulfilling the purpose it once did. It may be its size, number of bedrooms, the location, the commute to school and work, or just the way you feel when you walk through the front door.

When a family is growing and needs to find a new home, they are often exposing themselves to some level of risk in their financial wealth and wellbeing. This is because most families can only afford to upgrade into a new home with the equity from the sale of their existing one; and the multi-dimensional nature of a sell-to-buy transaction is complicated, time-consuming, and stressful for families.

Realizing risk is the first step to mitigating it.

We’ve heard the horror stories too many times —

Conditions, dates, and legalese misrepresented, little attention to detail in the fine print, inability to instill confidence in multiple parties, buyers and/or sellers getting cold feet in the final hour, and so on. 

Yes, the reputation of the realtor might take a hit, but the family bears the brunt of it — left looking for a short-term rental and/or losing significant value on the price of their home. 

This isn’t to scare you, it’s to provide perspective on why we are in the real estate profession. In our 10+ years, we have overcome this very challenge with our own families, and have helped hundreds of client families do the same.

Our winning approach.

It’s not a template, every family and transaction is different.

In a competitive market like Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, if buying requires the sale of your existing home, you need to know how to structure your offer, build the right language into your agreement, and negotiate both deals effectively.

Not only do we handle the legal paperwork, advise you in negotiation, and manage communications with buyer, seller, and supporting parties to the deal; we construct deals favorably, so you can build more wealth.

It’s a professional, friendly, and consultative approach. We share our knowledge, best practices, and secrets on how to win at every step. 

Why we’ve found success.

It’s simple, our clients have found success. We believe that a good realtor combines human connection and customer-centric service. We aim to win your trust, create a long-term relationship, and support you as your needs change long after the sale. 

We will work hard to remove risk and build wealth for you and your family — ensuring you have a successful and enjoyable home buying experience.

We have done this with hundreds of clients, and hope for the opportunity to do the same with you.

If your home is no longer fulfilling the purpose it once did, and you need to sell your existing home to be able to purchase, our team can help you get the new home you want for your family and reduce the contract, financial, and emotional risk involved. Partner with Shawn Johnson Realty for a seamless sell-to-buy real estate experience.

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