Upgrade Your Home

We help all types of families find the perfect home in Saskatoon, SK.

Buy Your Dream Home in Saskatoon, SK

One of the many things that change when starting a family is the space in your house. If you are looking to "move up" into a bigger home in Saskatoon, Shawn Johnson is the best real estate agent to help you.

What features are you looking for? What neighborhood do you want to live in? What type of home do you want? Whatever you need, we’ll simplify the process and help you find your dream family home.

Sell a Home to Buy a Home

The competitive real estate market in Saskatoon makes it difficult for growing families to buy a new home without selling their current one.

We specialize in helping our clients navigate the complicated process of selling one home and purchasing another simultaneously. We ensure that you enjoy finding the perfect family home and get top dollar for the sale of your existing house.

Years of Real Estate Experience

Throughout our 9+ years in the real estate industry, we have helped hundreds of families find their dream homes. We guide our clients throughout the process, ensuring smooth transactions and zero hassle for you.

Professional, Friendly, and Consultative Approach

At Shawn Johnson Realty, we provide ourselves on delivering an enjoyable home upgrading experience. Not only do we advise you in negotiations and handle the legal paperwork, but we also manage communication with the buyer, seller, and other supporting parties. We aim to win our clients’ trust, build lasting relationships and support your needs as they change.

Get Your Dream Home with Shawn Johnson Realty

At Shawn Johnson Realty, we know your needs as a growing family and can help with all the tedious parts of the home buying and selling process. Partner with us today to find the perfect home in Saskatoon, SK.